“Honestly, having had an Akita was a before and after in my life”

How it all started?

In 2014, a family friend gave me a movie that surely many of you know, called “HACHI: A DOG’S TALE” (if you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend it to you 100%).

It was the first time I saw this movie, but I immediately fell in love with its protagonist: Hachi, an Akita Inu like no other. At that precise moment, I told myself that one day in my life I would have an Akita. It became my dream…

Fortunately, only 2 years later I was able to accomplish that dream. Inu, my first Akita, came into my life and flooded it with happiness. Next to him I felt (and I feel) the happiest person in the world.

But that was only the beginning of this story. Little by little, I became more and more interested in the Akitas. I liked looking for information about them, reading articles on the Internet, and learning new things. My immense love for the breed led me to start my own breeder.

From then until now, at ITSUMO GO we were able to make hundreds of families happy with our exemplars. Our values ​​are the same from the first day: we raise Akitas with absolute LOVE and RESPONSIBILITY, in order to change the lives of thousands of people.

We comply with all the protocols, cares and corresponding sanitary measures. We accompany each Akita from its birth until it reaches the hands of a new owner. But that is not all, we continue looking after them from distance for the rest of their lives, helping their owners with every doubt or problem they have.

For us there is only one way to raise pets: with commitment, responsibility, care, attention, and above all, a lot of LOVE.

Denise Ayelén Rezza

Founder of Itsumo Go