Dedicated to breeding since 2014


About us

We are dedicated to the breeding of Akita and Shiba Inu exemplars. We were founded in 2014 with origin in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. We work RESPONSIBLY, with a lot of EFFORT and a SPIRIT of constant improvement to make hundreds of families happy with our puppies. Our main objective is to contribute a grain of sand to this breeds, trying to get better day by day, and always being present to help or advise our clients in whatever they need.

What makes us different?


Before pairing each one of our exemplars, we verify that they pass some specific health requirements, in order to guarantee puppies of the best quality. We meticulously study their bloodlines, behavior, and features. In addition, we perform elbows and hips radiographs to verify that they do not suffer from dysplasia (hereditary disease). We prioritize the health and quality of our puppies above all.


From the first day we started this adventure, we decided that the only way would be to live by and for our Akitas and Shibas. We love these breeds, and we love each of our puppies equally. It is for this reason that we always seek that its new owner be committed and responsible, so our babies can be happy the rest of their lives.聽


In the same way that we commit ourselves 100% to our exemplars, we also do it to each of its new owners. We do not lose contact with any of the families that acquire one of our Akitas or Shibas, but we are available to them at any day and time, for the rest of the years. If you have any questions or problems that arise, you can write to us and ask us all the questions you need. We consider our service to last a lifetime.

Happy families

Hundreds of families around the world already know the happiness of enjoying life with one of our Akitas or Shibas Inu.

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