How do they travel?

our commitment:

Safety + Comfort

For almost a decade, we’ve had the pleasure of bringing happiness to families in over 25 countries worldwide. Our goal isn’t just to raise quality and healthy exemplars, but also to ensure that the puppy chosen with so much excitement by each family arrives in every home safely and comfortably.

As responsible breeders, the transportation of each Akita and Shiba is a crucial element in our breeding process. If not executed professionally, it can have a negative impact on the well-being of every exemplar.

All our puppies travel securely and comfortably in IATA-approved protective kennels (International Air Transport Association). We personally accompany them on the journey and deliver them directly to their new owner, along with all the relevant documentation.

For clients in Argentina, we can arrange a meeting point or deliver the puppies to their home. For international clients, deliveries are usually arranged at the nearest airport, but we can also coordinate deliveries to the new owner’s residence.

inu travels:

Our own transportation company

It is because of all the aforementioned factors that we decided to establish a company to take full responsibility for each transport, ensuring that each family receives their new member right at their doorstep, allowing them to purely enjoy the experience.

We can proudly state that we are the only Akita and Shiba Kennel in the world to have created a pet transportation company solely dedicated to the well-being of each individual and the satisfaction of every family who put their trust in Itsumo Go.

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We invite you to visit the website so you can appreciate the dedication, commitment, responsibility and, above all, the LOVE that we put into every transport we carry out, bringing families together all over the world.