Origin of the Akita Inu

What is the origin of the breed?

We will do a small review of the history and origin of the Akita Inu, to understand where it comes from and why it is so emblematic around the world.

The Akita Inu is a thousand-year-old breed from Japan, which has more than 3,000 years of existence. Its name comes from the Akita region, located in the north of the country. It is a dog of natural creation, with direct descendants of the wolf.
Mapa de la regi贸n de Akita en Jap贸n, lugar de origen de la raza Akita Inu
Akitas Inu cazadores, utilizados por los guerreros japoneses
Initially, the Akita was a hunter dog. For generations, japanese warriors used it as a defense dog, an attack dog and, at the same time, to hunt bears. Depending on its role, the Akita Inu has received several names throughout history, including: “Matagi-inu” (hunting dog), “Kurae-inu” (war dog) and “Odate-inu 鈥(dog of providence).
In 1931, it was designated as Japan’s national dog and a monument was built for it. During the Second World War, the number of Akitas was drastically reduced because their fur was used to make military clothes, and their meat as food. The breed survived thanks to the protection of some exemplars that were transferred to small towns and raised as guard dogs.
Monumento de un Akita Inu inspirado en Hachiko
Estatuilla de oro de Akita Inu
The Akita Inu is the tallest of the Japanese dogs, and has been a symbol of wealth and prestige (owning an Akita was an honor only allowed to the nobility). In addition, it is considered a good luck talisman, so much that an Akita statue is usually gifted when a baby is born or when someone gets sick.

From 1948 to 1950 there were many historically important Akitas Inu. Its popularity was booming, and the growth of the breed made the pedigrees of dogs much more relevant.

The next 30 years of effort concentration, produced as a consequence an Akita consistent in type, morphology and color. This was the breeder’s reward for their unified vision of working together, as well as for creating a strong register (鈥淎kiho鈥) dedicated to promoting the future of the breed.

Akita Inu consistente en tipo, morfolog铆a y color