Personality of the Akita

How is the temperament of the Akita?

The Akita Inu doesn’t have a aggressive personality at all. It is affectionate, loves his family and especially children. It is very calm, so it will rarely suffer from stress. This is a dog capable of making a twenty-hour plane trip between Argentina and Spain, for example, without feeling even a bit restless or nervous upon arrival.
Like other Nordic dogs, the Akita Inu is a very independent dog. It is obedient but not at all submissive, so it tends to have a dominant personality with other dogs. He is reserved with people he does not know, but he is faithful and protective with his owners. It is very loyal and good at guarding duties as a watchdog.
Akita Inu manejando un auto
The Akita Inu has a very peaceful temperament, it is not a barking dog (it will not bark unless it has an important reason). This is because they were originally bred to follow the same stalking techniques as cats. So when an Akita barks, you have to pay attention to it. It is considered a very intelligent dog.
A remarkable characteristic of this breed is that, although it prefers to live in the garden, it adapts very well to life inside the house, as long as it is given a few minutes a day to walk outdoors.