Long-haired Akita Inu

Why are long-haired Akitas born?

Eventually, long-haired Akitas can also be born from a litter of two short-haired parents. Why is this happening? This is because the gene for long hair is recessive, it stays hidden and can be randomly combined. Because of that, it causes one or more exemplars of a litter to have these characteristics.
Although the Akita Inu’s long coat is not recognized for breeding or show, they are unique, exclusive and admired by all the people who see them.
Since its coat is obviously longer than that of a short-haired Akita, it requires a bit more care and attention.
But there is a great advantage! Long-haired Akitas love to be groomed. Thanks to this, a strong loving bond is created between the family and the pet.

Let's see some pictures!

In the following photos we can see the beauty of a long-haired Akita Inu in its puppy stage.

Cachorrito #1 de la camada de Kai y Haru (macho pelo largo)
25 day old puppy
Akita pelo largo de 4 meses del criadero Itsumo Go
4 month old puppy

Now, in this other picture we can see an adult. Also, we can perfectly visualize the difference between a short-haired and a long-haired one.

Diferencia entre Akita Inu de pelo largo y pelo corto
Comparison between short-haired and long-haired