How to take care of my Akita?

How to take care of an Akita correctly?

In the following paragraphs we give you some tips on how to properly take care of an Akita.

Space necessities

It prefers the garden, but it adapts very well to life inside the house, as long as it is given a few minutes a day to walk outside and relieve himself. As it is a calm and non-aggressive dog, it can live inside a house or apartment without you having to worry about breaking objects or becoming restless. In addition, as it is affectionate and familiar, it does not matter to have a huge garden, because most of the time it will prefer to be next to its owner.

Cachorrito Akita Inu comiendo alimento en departamento


It must be provided complete dry and quality (premium) food. The amount will depend on its age, size, and metabolism. In general lines, up to 18 months of age “puppy” food, and then “adult“. It is advisable to also complement with a bit of chicken and some fruits or vegetables, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, chard, spinach, and red or blue berries. It is important not to give him a lot of food at one time, but it is better to give him smaller portions intermittently.

Akita Inu comiendo alimento

Care and grooming

It tends to shed hair frequently, so it is advisable to brush it regularly with a bristle brush. We must bear in mind that they shed its hair approximately 2 times a year. It is recommended to bathe it once every 3 months, and polish its nails once a month if necessary. The ears should be checked regularly for redness, dirt, or unpleasant odor, as this can be an indication of an ear infection.

The ears can be cleaned with a cotton ball moistened with a pH balanced ear cleaner. Its nose should also be cleaned from time to time. For this, petroleum jelly can be used so that the inner lining of the nose remains smooth and moist. The teeth also need to be cleaned regularly. It can be given food that removes tartar and plaque buildup.

Cepillando y cuidando a un cachorro Akita Inu