Akita Inu characteristics and appearance

General characteristics

Measurements and characteristics of Akita Inu's body

    -Male: 67 cm -Female: 61 cm

    -Male: from 27 to 45 kg -Female: from 24 to 41 kg

    -From 10 to 15 years


-Male: 67 cm-Female: 61 cm


-Male: from 27 to 45 kg-Female: from 24 to 41 kg


-From 10 to 15 years

How is the appearance of the Akita Inu?

The Akita Inu is a medium-sized dog with a broad head, and a strong and muscular body. It belongs to group 5 of Spitz type dogs. Regarding its physical appearance and anatomy, we can highlight the following characteristics:


Robust structure and developed bones. Straight and firm back, with a broad and muscular kidney region. Deep chest, arched ribs and a perfectly raised abdomen.


Skull proportional to the body, with a thick and muscular neck. The forehead is broad, with a well-defined frontal nasal depression (“stop”) and a clear furrow, but without wrinkles. The cheeks moderately developed. The straight nasal bridge, with a large, black nose.


The most common is red, but it can also be white or brindle. All colors mentioned, except white, must have whitish hair on the sides of the muzzle, on the cheeks, under the jaw and on the neck, on the chest, abdomen, under the tail and on the inside of the legs.


Small, very symmetrical, almond-shaped, and brown in color. They are angled higher towards the less cranial corner of the ear.


Jaws not rounded, but flat, strong and powerful. Strong, regular and complete teeth. Lips tense back.


High and thick insertion, rolled up onto the back. The hair covering the tail is longer than the hair covering the rest of the body.


Solid, round and well closed. Her nails are hard. It has webbed feet like cats, and is an excellent swimmer.


Soft, smooth and generally short. It has three different layers. They shed hair twice a year.


Relatively small, thick, triangular and slightly rounded at the tips; moderately separated from each other, erect and inclined forward.