What does it mean to have a pet?

Chico con su mascota Akita Inu de cachorro

Points to consider before acquiring a pet

If there is something that characterizes us at Itsumo Go, it is that we live for our Akitas. We work day and night to make our puppies happy, dedicating our time, effort, energy and money so that they can be healthy and comfortable. It is for this reason that for us it is very important that all the people who acquire a pet are, at least, committed and responsible.

Why do you want a pet?

It is amazing how many people do not ask themselves this simple question before acquiring a pet. Having an animal simply because it is what people “do”, or because children have been crying over a puppy, usually ends in a big mistake. Do not forget that some pets can be 10, 15 or even 20 years with you.

Is it a good moment in your life to acquire a pet?

For example, if you are a student and you are constantly traveling, if you are a person with a lot of work, or if you are going through some kind of crisis at the moment, it is reasonable to wait and stabilize yourself first.

Do you have time for a pet?

Dogs, cats and any other pet cannot be ignored simply because you are tired or busy. They need food, water, exercise, love and company every day of every year. There are many animals that end up in shelters or in the street because their owners did not really think about how long it took to take care of them.

Are your life habits appropriate for the animal you have in mind?

Pet size is not the only variable you have to think about. For example, some dogs need to spend a lot of time outside, receiving lots of sunlight. Others require big spaces to exercise and run. Others may be indoor, and some may bark quite a bit, dispersing concentration. Before acquiring a mascot, do some research. In this way, you ensure that it can fit in with your lifestyle.

Can you economically allow yourself to have a pet?

The costs of maintaining an animal could be quite high. Food, veterinary care, studies, spaying, neutering, bathing, brushing, toys, and other expenses are things that many people do not consider when acquiring a pet.

Do you know who is going to take care of your pet when you can not?

For example, in case you have to go on vacation or have to leave the city for a few days for work, you will need to have trusted friends or neighbors who can take care of your pet, or enough money to pay for a shelter or a kennel.

Does the place where you live allow pets?

Some neighborhood communities do not allow animals, and others have restrictions, such as apartments. Make sure sure to know if there is any restriction before bringing a pet into your home.

Are you ready to maintain and take care of a pet during all its life?

When you acquire an animal, you are committing to take care of it for the rest of its life.